9 Top Ways To Name Your Etsy Shop: Read How Sellers Found Their Shop Names!

  • A Play On Words: It’s All In The Name
  • Make Room For Growth: Setup To Expand
  • Name It For Your Passions: Show What You Love
  • A Good Vibe: Express Your Shop’s Feel
  • Nicknames: Some Fun With A Name
  • Family Ties: For The Love of Family
  • Pure SEO: Business Savvy Sellers
  • Fun and Creative: Think Out Of The Box
  • A Credit To Your Origin: Named For a Place or Time

From nicknames to pure SEO we heard from our favorite Etsy Sellers how they crafted their shop name. You’re going to love this…. read on.

A Play On Words: It’s All In The Name

CLICK HERE To view Grammarous

“My shop is called Grammarous, a mix between grammar and glamorous. I have t-shirts with funny English grammar says on them.”

CLICK HERE To view Vintage Royaleny

“I had such a hard time coming up with a name for my vintage shop. I went with a play on words. Vintage Royale based on James Bond Casino Royale.”

CLICK HERE to view Down The Foxhole Design

“We bought a bus to turn into a tiny home. I started my business to create treasures to sell during our travels. Our last name is Fox and my shop name is “Down the Foxhole Designs.”

Make Room For Growth: Setup To Expand

CLICK HERE To view Sheep Dog Love and More

“My shop is SheepdogLoveAndMore. I wanted it to be obvious to people who love old English sheepdogs that sheepdog themed items were in my shop. I added the “and more” because similar names were already taken. Plus it allows me to add other things if I want. My goal was a self-explanatory name, Simple and obvious.”

CLICK HERE To view Little and Cosy

“My shop is called “Little and Cosy”. When I started I was selling handmade accessories for babies and I thought that those were nice and a cute adjective for my stuff and also to describe my audience. Two years later, I start selling dog accessories patterns and thank god, the name is suitable for pets too!”

CLICK HERE to visit A Darling Daisy Design

“My shop’s name is Darling Daisy Designs! I chose it because I love alliterations, I love daisies, and although I only sell stickers right now the word “designs” allows me to expand what I sell in the future.” 

CLICK HERE To view Charming Craft Company

“I started my business with reclaimed pallet wood signs which brought the name Charming Lumber Crafts. Then, as my business progressed, and I expanded my product line, I changed to Charming Craft Company to encompass my growing reach. Today, I actually don’t have wood products at all, and we continue on with metal farmhouse style signs.”

Name It For Your Passions: Show What You Love

CLICK HERE to visit Amy’s Hook Yarn and Stitch

“I thought about many different names that I could use for my shop.  In the end I wanted something personal and words to describe what I do. That’s why the Amy’s then what I do Hook, Yarn & Stitch.”

CLICK HERE To view Beep Beep Roar

“Over the years I’ve drawn many robots and monsters. So, I ended up with BEEPBEEPROAR.”

CLICK HERE To view Delightful Dangles

“My boyfriend introduced me into the tabletop game Dungeons and Dragons and he suggested a D&D themed name for my jewelry shop. Thus, we agreed on the name Delightful Dangles!”

CLICK HERE To view Science Creates

“I am a graduate student studying science to help water sustainability. I wanted a way to incorporate science into my shop hence ScienceCreates because it represents me as an in progress scientist who loves to create. “

CLICK HERE To view Mandrake Natural

“I love Harry Potter, so I wanted something related. My husband suggested “Mandrake” as a joke and I loved it. My shop’s name is “Mandrake Natural”. Side Note: Mandrake is the owners last name. Oh, of course! “


“So my shop name is inspired by 2 things, my main Instagram account, and a music group I used to listen to. They always switched out letters with other letters, so my name is jaelyn…my main Instagram became jvxlyn. So now, my shop name is ShopJvx.”

CLICK HERE To view My Marvelous Closet

“I love the show The Marvellous Mrs Maisel so when I started selling vintage clothing I thought I’d name my store My Marvellous Closet as a nod to Midge and all her lovely outfits.”

A Good Vibe: Express Your Shop’s Feel

CLICK HERE To view Light and Dark Of Things

“My shop is named Light and Dark of Things. In all aspects of life, there is a balance and duality at play. Good/bad, black/white and of course light/dark. I create whimsical Gothic creations and curiosities that capture just this notion! Thanks for the opportunity to share!”

CLICK HERE To view CCsNooks

“My shop name is CC’sNook! I knew I wanted to incorporate my name for sure, but it was too long. So, that’s how I came about ‘CC’. I chose ‘Nook’ as the second half of my name because I wanted something cozy and all-encompassing so that I am not restricted to a product range down the line.”

CLICK HERE To view Glimmer and Glow Crafts

“I love to be creative in my spare time and my husband is well-aware. One day he suggested handcrafting candles so we did some research and brainstormed some names for my shop. We tailored the name to the product and Glimmer & Glow Crafts was born!”

CLICK HERE To view Rock Bottom Woodworks

“Ours is Rock Bottom Woodworks….my husband picked this because we keep our prices at rock bottom also when we started the business during COVID-19 we had hit rock bottom and this was to pull us back up.”

Nicknames: Some Fun With A Name

CLICK HERE To view Bee and Chicken

“Most of the world knows me by Sara Bee. My husband has a nickname that involves chickens. I’m the Bee and my husband is the Chicken. We have background stories that go with them. We are Bee and Chicken.”

CLICK HERE To view Macksnicknaks

“This is my name plus what I wanted to sell, then the shop macksnicknaks became a thing!”

CLICK HERE To view Katy Sue Jewelry

“This shop is my name! Katy Sue Jewelry. When I get my art back into full swing I want to use Katy Sue Studios”

Family Ties: For The Love of Family

CLICK HERE To view Max And Moon Makes

“My name is Maxine. My daughters name is Luna (moon) and our adventures on nature inspired my business. It was an accident that my second name is Anderton and so “And” in the business name is also appropriate.”

CLICK HERE To view Autumn Eclipse Jewelry

“My daughter was born during the total solar eclipse in 2017. I missed the event entirely because I was giving birth  so when I started thinking of names well, I wanted to include Eclipse. She was born in August/Autumn, and I make jewelry.”

CLICK HERE To view Blissful Brook

“I chose my shop name Blissful Brook after my daughter, Brooklyn who we call “Brook” all the time. She is the happiest, kindest, sweetest little girl. Then when her brother, Logan was born I added a bear image to our logo to incorporate him with the brand since we call him “Logie Bear” (like Yogi Bear lol)”

CLICK HERE To view Sew Eredyn

“I love to SEW and my daughters name is EREDYN Sew Eredyn.”

CLICK HERE to view Her Hands Her Heart

“My shop name (and my whole art practice) HerHandsHerHeart was inspired by my late mother. What I remember most about her is that her hands were rarely still. She was always making something. I didn’t have a store-bought dress until I was six because she sewed all my clothes until then. She also sewed teeny tiny doll clothes and the bedspread and drapes for the room I shared with my sister.”

CLICK HERE To view Emily Ever After Co.

“Named mine after my daughter. It sounds cheesy, but she’s my happy ever after and everything I’m my shop is either inspired by her or by needing to make mom life easier, so I took that and added her name and emilyeverafterco was born.”

CLICK HERE To view Rainebow And Co.

“My biz is called Raine Bow + Co. my daughters middle name is Raine and the biz was inspired by her, I sell bows, and then it’s a play on rainbow.”

CLICK HERE To view the House of J’s

“We are actually currently rebranding, and I am in love with our new name/brand. TheHouseOfJ’s. We are a family of J names and we all work together to make our items. Which is fun, cause I get to make things with my son and daughter. Even our cats and dog have J names too. Though the cats and dog mostly sleep instead of work, they like to nap close to us while we work. We say supervise them with their eyes closed.”

CLICK HERE To view Ruth and Nami’s Vintage Goods

My shop’s name is Ruth and Naomi Vintage Goods. It’s based on the story of Ruth and Naomi in the bible. That story is a reflection of my relationship with my mother-in-love. People can’t believe that we’re best friends. I started my shop years ago as a way to help pay for some extra bills. We both loved vintage and my mother-in-love actually used to own an antique store so she would help advise me on items that I would find as estates sales. So since we were working together that’s the name I chose.

Pure SEO: Business Savvy Sellers

CLICK HERE To view Flower Prints Project

“Mine is FlowerPrintsProject, and it was to help with SEO strategy initially. My shop started as flower digital prints based on photography I have taken, and it has evolved a ton since then.”

CLICK HERE To view Lizas Upscaled Art

“I wanted my name to be in it and to have a feel of what my mission is, and what the product is.” 

CLICK HERE To view The Wired Dragon

My main product is hand painted dragon eyes so definitely needed dragon in the name. Since I also do some wire wrapping the name ended up being The Wired Dragon.

Fun and Creative: Think Out Of The Box

CLICK HERE To view Queer Little Shop

“I run a blog and Instagram called Queer Little Family. So, I called it Queer Little Shop.”

CLICK HERE To view Hunt and Peck Market

“My Etsy shop’s name is Hunt and Peck Market. Us old people know that hunt and peck means to find the keys on a typewriter one at a time using just two fingers (the method used before touch typing came into fashion). Young people think it refers to chickens searching for food. For me, it’s hunting and pecking through estate sales and thrift stores, and then hoping my customers find treasures this way too. I also collect old typewriters and anything with vintage lettering on it, so this image fit me perfectly.”

CLICK HERE To view Does This Look Normal

“I saw it in a dream. The Shop name is doesthislooknormal, and it really just came to me in a dream and I finally pulled the trigger on opening up.”

CLICK HERE To view Mrs. Beady Eyes

“My shop’s name is ‘MrsBeadyEyes’ and I make and sell beaded jewelry. So, I was looking for a name, that played on bead or beads. I had several names on my list, but when I googled them, I found, that there were already shops with that name. So as my husband always says to me, that I’ve got beady eyes , I came up with the name ‘MrsBeadyEyes’ for my shop.”

A Credit To Your Origin: Named For a Place or Time

CLICK HERE To view Carefree Highway MKT

“My shop is based off the Famous Carefree Highway in AZ that I live by. A Gordon Lightfoot song Carefree Highway MKT”

CLICK HERE To view El Dorado Handcrafts

“Ours is called El Dorado Handcrafts. We chose the name because all the jewelry is made in Barranquilla, CO which is sometimes called the “Puerta de Oro” or Golden Gate to Colombia (lots of imports come through there). The artisans are all from underprivileged communities, so we thought Gold was a fitting theme since the goal is to help lift them out of poverty.”

CLICK HERE To view Upstate Antique Co.

Upstate. Antique. Co because I live in Upstate NY and sell antiques and vintage items.

CLICK HERE To view South Coast Sew

“South Coast Sewn- I live on the south coast of Massachusetts and I sew! And my logo and aesthetic is all nautical. A tribute to where I’m from.”

Written by Lisa

Lisa Lividoti Blogger and Owner of Homebyliv Etsy Shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/HomebyLiv

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