This Month’s Pick: ETSY SELLERS ONLY


Spotlight Creator: Irfaan Hassan


About Etsy Sellers Only

Established in August 2016 and 23 thousand members strong ( as of this post date) Etsy Sellers Only is a great support group of Etsy entrepreneurs around the world. In my search to find a gathering place of fellow sellers this group was the only one that stood out.

While other group I found seemed to focus heavily on members promoting their new shop listings and using their groups for marketing I found this group focuses more on:

  • Asking seller questions
  • Networking
  • Seeking advise
  • Learning and sharing Tips of tricks of the trade
  • Learning and growing on Etsy
  • Support to fellow shop owners

The Interview

I reached out to the administrator of this group Irfaan Hassan to provide some insight into what makes this group such a success. Irfaan gave me a great understanding about what her group represents to the Esty community. READ ON…..

Interviewer: Why Did you create this facebook group?

The group was created to provide a safe harbor for Etsy sellers to enjoin a social community, share ideas, troubleshoot problems, grow their brands and perhaps the most important, attain some adhoc sales !!

Interviewer: Are you an Etsy seller yourself? If so what is your shops name and how long have you been selling?

Yes I am an Etsy Seller myself, I sell mostly diamonds straight from my polishing table.. although Etsy is my additional sales channel.
Irfaandiamant.etsy.com. 2 Years.

Interviewer: Why would an Etsy Seller want to join this group?

Why not? Ha ha kidding.. 🙂 

The group is becoming quite enjoyable for the members as of recent, We have a monthly Cash Money Sweepstake draw from some of our sponsor advertisers! And that’s quite fun! Although the caveats for entering can be quite intricate! Ha! 

The group partakes in everything related to physiological aspects of the sellers involved,  and conversations about everything from sales to world matters have been noted.. It provides a great escape from the workbench even for a a few minutes to partake in Etsy focused or unfocused banter.. Or to have a rant or a laugh in between their busy day.

Many a great friends or penpals have been made throughout the groups community! and of course due to the allowed advertising.. the adhoc sales are an awesome bonus !!

Interviewer: Is this Etsy group established for just seasoned veteran sellers?

We have everyone from noobs right through to sellers who have attained the coveted million $ mark in their stores! 

Interviewer: Is there a way for sellers to connect outside the platform?

We have been working on both a group pinterest and Instagram, which we give shout outs to stores at no cost or charge..The links for both the group and the social media can be found in the groups linktree :

Interviewer: Is this a safe way to communicate? If yes tell me why.

We do have a vetting process, and encourage members to check the groups announcements from time to time as we update certain procedurals within the group.. We also tend to be quite superfluous with the “Ban Hammer” 😉

Interviewer: What was your biggest challenge maintaining or creating the group?

The biggest challenge is knowing which members incessant  troublemakers or have the potential to become such.. As with any other social community.. the social Darwin effect takes its own due course and helps weed out the community of troublemakers.

We have awesome people in the group.. and that helps in making the maintenance of the group an absolute chinch! 

Interviewer: What is the most rewarding part of creating such a group?

Great question !

It’s very fulfilling when sales are completed between sellers in the group.. I essentially feel that the group has added more than ignorant banter to someone’s life.. and that’s A OK by me ! 🙂

Oh and the ignorant banter is just as great ! The multitude of personalities, thoughts and opinions.. alongside an order of upsized wit and humor ! Makes for a rather fulfilling escape from the workbench or the Etsy store! 🙂 

Interviewer: How fast did the group grow and how many members do you have to date?

Growth has been rather exponential.. with every milestone.. the rate of increase is astounding !! We currently have 23K members with a growth rate of close to 1100 members per week! 

Links You’ll Need

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Facebook Etsy Group: Etsy Sellers Only


Administrators Etsy Shop Irfaan Diamant


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