Get Your First 100 Sales in Etsy Fast: 6 Great Tips From A Seasoned Seller

Your shop is now up and running, and you have gotten your first few sales. Are you all setup on Etsy? Now that you have gotten your shop off the ground, what’s next? What is the next milestone for your shop?

The excitement of getting your first sale has been great, but you want more. The next level: REACHING 100 SALES. Read on to find out how to jumpstart your shop to reach this milestone goal.

It might just be easier than you think. We have some great ideas for you to ramp up your shop and reach your goals.

Post Regularly To Your Etsy Shop

Over the years I have found consistently posting to my shop not only increases my overall chances of a sale (let’s face it, the more items you offer the more potential customers you can target) but also seems to help my overall daily shop views.

Etsy pays attention to active shops and frankly seems to reward these active shops with views. 

Lisa Lividoti
Etsy Shop: HomeByLiv

Some shop owners even say that if your shop is very active, Etsy algorithm will bring more eyes to your shop.  Of course, it stands to reason that more eyes looking at your shop will equal more sales.  

How can you make your shop active? 

Etsy loves an active shop. I have found over the past 7 years my views do increase in my shop if I keep my shop active. 

  Here is a list of some ways to show an active shop:

  1. Post items to your shop weekly or even daily.  ETSY LOVES THIS!
  2. Posted customer reviews to your shop is a great way to show an active shop in Etsy. 
  3. Perform a monthly review of all items not getting high views.  Update your low view items with new product photos, tags and or descriptions.  You can simply even adjust the product price of items that are not selling.  

Make yourself a schedule and consistently list in your shop.    In addition to Etsy’s algorithm being happy with regular listings the simple numbers of more items will add up to more of sales.

A Free Download: Etsy Listing Tracker To Track Daily Postings 

If you’re looking to post consistently here is a form I created that keeps me on track when posting to Etsy.   I decided to post this LISTING TRACKER as a free download to help you in your journey.

To download your free Posting Tracker click this button below:

Find Keywords and Tags to Get Seen in Search

Research Your Keywords and Tags In Your Etsy Listings

When you create your listings tags, titles, and listing descriptions Etsy matches up these words to what the potential customer has typed in a search.

Etsy tells us: 

“Etsy matches tags and shoppers searches to find relevant results.  To improve where your items are appearing on Etsy be sure to use your tags when listing your items. “   

Etsy: Using Tags To Be Found In Search

Competition in Etsy can be fierce.  Your goal is to have your listing seen in the first few pages of Etsy search. When listing simply be sure to use “on-point” tags and descriptions to get seen in Etsy.  

Keywords and tags help match a customer query with your product.  Without a solid list of keywords and tags for your product it will be difficult for your item to be seen. 

A potential customer searches on Etsy for a specific item.  If your keywords are not relevant your listing may get buried on page 6 or 7 of a search.

It’s tough to make a sale if you are not seen. 

The proper keywords and tags can help you get found by a potential buyer. 

How Do You Find the Correct Tags and Keywords for your Etsy Listing?

Each item should have its own set of keywords and tags.  Because I am a vintage seller I need a new set of tags and keywords for each item.  Here are some ways I am able to create my keywords and tags: 

~ Brainstorm: Imagine you are the potential buyer for your product.   What word or phrases would you type in Etsy to find this product?  Think about the color, details, occasion etc. 

~ Find Similar items in Etsy.  If another shop is selling a similar item, you are able to open the listing and view their tags used. Simply scroll to the bottom of the listing to view all tags used for this similar item.  

~ Utilize eRank: A free SEO keyword tool.  eRank is a great online tool to help sellers figure out their best keywords to get any listings high in search results.  eRank have several paid plans however we are excited to report they have an amazing FREE plan to get you started. 

So you did not have, we tested out the free version of eRank so to see if it had value.

With the FREE plan we got you covered.  We have tested out eRank’s free plan and we love it. To learn more about eRank check out this article we just posted:

Using eRank For The Etsy Seller: Finding Tags and Keywords that Bring Sales

We love eRank so much we wanted to add a link below, so you can sign up and test it for yourself. eRank offers many useful powerful tools even with the free plan.

Etsy tells us that the first few words of your listing title has a particularly strong influence on Etsy searches.  Bring your strongest keywords to the beginning of your title. 

Use All 13 Tags in Your Etsy Listings

Although there are some fields that are required to be filled out when listing an item we were surprised to learn “tags” is not one of them. ETSY does not require you to add in tags when you list a new item into your shop.

However, should you be adding TAGS to your listings?


Etsy Tells Us: 

“ Etsy matches tags with shoppers’ searches to find relevant results.  To improve when your items are appearing on Etsy be sure to use your ALL 13 tags when listing your items. ” 

If you want to be found in search those keywords used in the tags fields are critical to being found in Etsy.

If you have worked hard at adding new product to your listing you want to be found in the first or second page in Etsy’s search. The potential customer typing in keywords for what they need are more likely to buy an item off the first few pages of their search query. Using all your 13 tags will help you get found and matched with a customer seeking your product.

Pricing Right To Generate Sales in Etsy

Pricing can be a mystery for new sellers. You want to make a profit, but you also don’t want to price yourself out of the market. I know it’s hard to fathom but when your shop is just getting started, breaking even might be the way to get things rolling in your shop.

Etsy Tell us:

Think about your shops scope and where you’d like to be by the end of the year. It helps to price for the future, not for the present. ”

Etsy How To Price Like A Pro

Always consider your cost of material, time, labor and overhead expenses.

If you price yourself too high it may take your shop out of the market. Remember you can always adjust your pricing as your shop grows. Getting your first few sales will only build your momentum as you reach your first 100 sales goal.

Your Etsy Product Photography Affects Your Sales

Your product photography needs to be top-notch if you watch to reach your 100 sales mark. I know you probably are not a professional photographer. You honestly don’t need to be a pro with your camera or phone to take amazing product photos.

If your photos are not clear and of high quality your listings will just be scrolled over quickly in a sea of competition in Etsy search. No matter how amazing your product is you will never get the sales you have worked so hard for with blurry, uninteresting product photos.

Here is a recent article we created on how to up your game with your product photography:

Taking Better Product Photos With Your Phone: An Etsy Sellers Guide

In Conclusion

Reaching your 100 sales milestone sounds difficult, but it does not need to be.

With a strong habit of positing daily, using the proper keywords and tags, and pricing your item right your Etsy sales will come. And of course with a little help staying on track ( the free posting tracker) your shop will reach the 100 sales mark faster than you imagine.

Written by Lisa

Lisa Lividoti Blogger and Owner of Homebyliv Etsy Shop

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