How To Choose The Best Etsy Shop Name: Tips From The Pros

You have decided to dive in and open a new Etsy shop. Good for you! Now the next step is naming your shop. How do you choose a shop name that fits your style and personality? Where do you begin?

In this article we will cover some basic rules for naming your Etsy shop, brainstorming ideas, and we will even show you a free Etsy Shop name generators. Let the fun begin!

Start Brainstorming!

Brainstorming is a fun part of naming your Etsy shop.

There are so many things to think about when naming your shop. Think about how you want your customers to identify with your shop.

Start by thinking about the product you are offering in your shop. What word or words describe what you are selling? Be sure to make your name memorable. You want to keep it short and sweet. Make it easy for your repeat customers to come back into Etsy and find your shop quickly. If your shop name is too long or hard to spell it may be difficult for shoppers to find you by name. Think of Lego, Apple, and Target. Keep your shop name simple and easy to type.

Etsy Shop Name Rules

Now that you have some great ideas on a new name it’s important to know what Etsy will accept for a shop names. Let’s learn the rules. Let’s take a look at some questions you may have on the naming your shop. What are the Etsy shop naming rules?

How long can my shop name be?  Your shop name cannot exceed 20 characters in length.  
  Can I add spaces to my shop name to make it easy to read?      Shop names cannot have punctuation or spacing. You can add in capital letters to break up the shop name to make it easier to read.  
  Will my shop name have its own web address?    YES! The name of your shop becomes your shop URL, so you can share that address with family and friends. Use your URL to promote your shop on business cards, letterhead and more. If you shop name is HomeByLiv your URL would be  
I am not loving the name I choose. Can I change my shop name?  Etsy tells us that once your shop is open and live, you can change your shop name up to five times. If you need to change it again, use the same form to submit a name change request to Etsy Support. Etsy Support will then review the request.  
Can I re-use an old shop name after I change it?  Etsy tells us that your old shop name cannot be reused again once you change it to a new one.  

How To Check Availability of Etsy Shop Name

Two Basic Steps For Name Checking: Check Google and Check Etsy

Google it! To see if you newly created name has been used simply open google, type in the desired name and see if it is taken. Try typing your name with and without spaces in the search bar. If your new shop name does not appear your ready to go to step two.

In step two you will be checking your new name right within Etsy. While setting up your new shop within Etsy you will be able to click on “Check Availability” in the shop creation process.

NAMING TIP: Etsy tells us that “Shop names on Etsy are entirely unique, so once a name has been used — either as a shop name or username — it can’t be used again. Etsy does this to prevent confusion and to protect the privacy of you and your customers

Some Inspiration!

Looking for some shop name inspiration? We got you covered!

We talked to several successful Etsy shop owners to find out exactly how they crafted their shop name. From favorite board games to nicknames, we found that naming your shop always has a special meaning.

Here is a bit of “Shop Name Inspiration” just for you.

CLICK HERE to visit Madrake Natural

Mandrake Natural: “I love Harry Potter, so I wanted something related. My husband suggested “Mandrake” as a joke and I loved, my shop’s name is Mandrake Natural.” As a side note: This shop owners last name is Mandrake. Clever!

CLICK HERE to visit Lizas Upcycled Art

LizasUpcycledArt: “I wanted my name to be in it and to have a feel of what my mission is, and what the product is as well. “

CLICK HERE to visit Grammarous

Grammarous: “My shop is called Grammarous, a mix between grammar and glamorous. I have t-shirts with funny English grammar things on them.”

CLICK HERE to visit Delightful Dangles

Delightful Dangles: “My boyfriend introduced me into the tabletop game Dungeons and Dragons, and he suggested a D&D themed name for my jewelry shop. Thus, we agreed on the name Delightful Dangles!”

CLICK HERE to visit Bee and Chicken

Bee and Chicken: “Most of the world knows me by Sara Bee. My husband has a nickname that involves chickens. I’m the Bee and my husband is the Chicken. We have background stories to go with these nicknames. Our shop name was created!”

In conclusion

My best advice to you in regard to naming your shop is don’t stress about it. Remember you can always change your shop name if you desire. Think about what you are selling, the vibe of your shop, and what you represent. You got this so have fun with naming your shop! Happy selling!

Written by Lisa

Lisa Lividoti Blogger and Owner of Homebyliv Etsy Shop

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