I Hired Fiverr To Make An Etsy Shop Banner For Under $15: See The Final Product

I was hearing how amazing Fiverr was for hiring graphic designers. I needed a banner for my Etsy shop. I am not fond of playing around with graphics. Being on a budget was what attracted me to Fiverr as Fiverr is fairly inexpensive. I decided to roll the dice and try this freelance service.

Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services. I hired two separate contractors to create my Etsy banner. You will be surprised what these designers came up with for under 15 dollars! In this article you will see what my Fiverr Designers submitted to me based on my request. Read on to see the results…

Setting A Limit

Before I jumped in, I decided to come up with a list of what I needed for this lovely banner. I decided the following:

  • The fee for my banner had to be under $20.
  • The banner had to incorporate my current logo.
  • The banner had to have my URL to my shop listed in the corner.
  • The colors had to match my company logo for branding reasons.

How I Requested The Fiverr Work

With my list in hand I went right to Fiverr.com and set up an account.

You can pay Fiverr with PayPal or with a Credit/Debit card. Setup was quick and easy and it took under 10 minutes of my time to complete.

I decided to set up Fiverr with my PayPal account. I was a bit reluctant to give out my credit card just yet. Although Fiverr has been around since 2010 I felt safer going with PayPal. Below you can see a bit of Fiverr’s history to set your mind at ease. Using PayPal is just a nice feature of Fiverr’s I appreciated as a new customer.

Fiverr was founded by Michael Kaufman and Shai Wininger, and was launched in February 2010. … Fiverr’s services start at US $5, and can go up to thousands of dollars with gig extras. Each service offered is called a “gig”. The website was launched in early 2010 and by 2012 was hosting over 1.3 million Gigs.

Wikipedia.com – Fiverr History

I set up my account and did a quick search to find a Fiverr designer. Fiverr is great for searching for the specific job needed.

The site allows you to look over reviews of each designer. As you read the reviews you can see their client work which is very helpful as a potential client looking for services.

I enjoyed choose an artist by looking at their past work. I found a contractor to match my needs.

See below the results of the two contractors I hired.

Fiverr Contractor 1

I zoned in on one contractor that listed himself as a “Professional Designer and Branding Expert“.

Why I Choose This Contractor

  • In his bio he noted that he designs Etsy banner. Check!
  • He had over 700 excellent reviews. Check!
  • If I’m being honest, his profile picture sealed the deal. This contractor had long flowing hair, wearing sunglasses with a brick wall background in the photo and a big smile of confidence. I’m thinking to myself he’s an artist type. He’s a creative guy. CHECK, CHECK.

I submitted my request with my logo. Do you need a logo for a banner creation? No. I was looking to give this creator a little inspiration and feel for my Etsy shop.

The Process

Three days After I Submitted My Request he emailed to let me know he was working on it and it will be complete in two days. Perfect!

Two days Later I heard from the contractor again, and he had requested a “Time extension” which I had to approve the more forward. (Good for you Fiverr! Their system is geared toward making the customers happy with time frames in place)

The very next day my graphic was ready for download. As you can see it’s not bad. The design was a bit simple, but he did match my colors. I don’t think he spent and an hour designing but for $5 I was happy. It looked professional. If I were to design this myself it would have taken over an hour of computer time. The end product looked very professional.

$5 Logo

Fiverr Contractor 2

I decided to double the fee this time around. Instead of spending $5 on my banner I decided to spend $10 to see what I would get for an end product.

Why I Choose This Contractor

  • Again with this contractor I loved reading her reviews. It seemed she has been on Fiverr a while and all her reviews were glowing. Check!
  • Her bio offered unlimited revisions. Really? Unlimited revisions on a $10 purchase? This told me she was confident she could help me. Check!

The Process

I had a bit more interaction with this contractor. Here is what happened over a 3-day process.

2 days after I submitted my request the contractor came back with her first draft. The banner created came with a nice note asking me what I thought and offered to make any changes at all. Below you can see is the “draft mode” graphic she had sent me for review. I am loving the colors but not the grandma wallpaper background. In all fairness to the designer I do sell antiques, so I do understand her choice of backgrounds.

1st draft

I politely asked her if we could change the background, and she came back with not one but 4 choices as shown below. I was impressed at how these Fiverr contractors wanted to make sure I get the best end product possible.

Needless to say I was impressed with these contractors hard work for just a $10 investment.

I replied right away and choose the color background that looked the best to me at that time. If you look back at her original banner you can see she had a graphic of a telephone.

In addition to changing the background I asked her to change out the telephone with a vintage typewriter. Typewriters are a big seller in my shop. She instantly replied she was “on it” and said she would get right back to me.

The Next Day: 3 Days After I Submitted My Original Request: The contractor submitted my new banner with the changes requested. I must say I was happy with the results.

The Final Products

Here is a side by side of the results of the two banner designs I purchased. Overall, I was happy and it did save me some graphic design time.

Contractor 1: $5 design
Contractor 2: $10 design

What Other Etsy Services does Fiverr offer?

When doing a search on the work “Etsy” in Fiverr I was amazed at all the serves their contractors offered up for us as Etsy sellers. Here is just a short list of what I found on the platform.

Let me follow up and say most services were listed at a reasonable price.

The items listed below are all tasks I learned as my shop grew. There is something to be said for learning these skills as you go, however, if your time is tight then contracting out these tasks may be for you.

  • Create designs and set up an Etsy Shop.
  • Write SEO titles and tags.
  • Completely overhaul your existing Etsy shop.
  • Design your Etsy logo and or banner.
  • A full review of your Etsy shop.
  • Promote your Etsy shop to 7.5 million Pinterest views.
  • Write a bio for your Etsy shop.
  • Write perfect product descriptions for your items.
  • One-on-One personal Etsy Coaching.
  • Product photo Editing in Photoshop.

CLICK HERE to see how Fiverr can help you and your Etsy shop.

In Conclusion: Was It Worth The Investment?

The bottom line: YES! I was surprised at the professionalism of not only the replies but the work. If you are not in love with creating your graphics and looking for a company to help Fiverr does not disappoint.

Written by Lisa

Lisa Lividoti Blogger and Owner of Homebyliv Etsy Shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/HomebyLiv

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