Step Together Program

For brand new and experienced Etsy Seller

What is this new program?

First off this program is free. We created this program for you the Etsy Seller. The purpose to to make connections with other sellers like yourself all around the world.

How does the program work?

Simply fill out the short form below to register. You will be matched up in small groups with like minded Etsy sellers like yourself. The groups will be 2 to 5 sellers. Right now this program is limiting to 30 sellers. The program will last 4 weeks.

Where does the group meet?

You will be matched up with a group of 2-5 members. Each of the members will be given a central place to connect online for your group. This program is all online. It is just a great way to make new Esty friends and meet regulars for support and guidance as a group.

We would like to see the group meet at least once a week.

What if the program fills up and I can’t get in?

If we have reached our 30 sellers limit you will then be put on a waiting list for the next session of the program.