The Best Selling Digital Downloads on Etsy in 2021

Wondering how to turn your passion into a money-making entity? Selling digital downloads might be the way forward!

Here, you’ll find everything from the best-selling digital products to the Etsy sellers dominating the market.

Let’s jump straight into it, shall we?

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#1 Downloadable Clip Art or Artwork In ETSY

If you can draw (even a little bit) you can see digital and printable artwork on Etsy. Regardless of the software you have at your disposal, it’s becoming increasingly easier for everyone to hop on the digital art bandwagon.

Customizable clipart/artwork seems to do the best here. People love being able to make something their own.

#2 Crochet Patterns In Etsy

Etsy is a place for super crafty people so downloadable crochet patterns do incredibly well (as do knitting and sewing patterns!).

You can upload it and forget about it. All you have to do is make the project once to take some product photography and then sell the pattern.

You could even make a video tutorial while you’re crocheting and sell that alongside it!

#3 Downloadable Embroidery Fonts In Etsy

This ties in fairly heavily to the downloadable crochet patterns we just talked about. However, there is a difference.

Patterns are for people to make projects themselves. However, downloadable embroidery fonts are for putting on specialist embroidery machines.

Not everyone has one. But you will attract the super-serious crafters who are more likely to be recurring customers.

#4 Digital Planners In Etsy

It’s no secret — people love planners. Like seriously love them. Yup, even when they’re digital.

They are versatile and, for the person making them, there are many options and themes to choose from. You can easily target a certain demographic by doctoring the theme and design. This writer is guilty of purchasing and downloading at least 5 digital planners to keep Etsy orders and shipments in order. This is a large market.

For instance, you could target college-goers by making a term timetable, creating spaces for their lecture notes, and so much more. 

#5 Coloring Book Pages In Etsy

As you probably know, coloring book pages aren’t just for kids anymore! Coloring therapy for adults has seen a huge rise in recent years — hence the growth in printable coloring sheet sales on Etsy.

It doesn’t matter what the coloring sheets are as long as they’re pretty and somewhat “advanced” enough for adults. Of course, nothing is stopping you from tailoring yours to meet the needs of children too.

#6 Custom Stickers In Etsy

Stickers will always be a fabulous seller on Etsy. Originally, it seemed that only physical copies would be sold but now, people prefer buying digital items to print themselves. 

There are so many types of stickers that you could make (and they’re easy enough to design too). Some of the types include:

  • Themed (flowers, Valentine’s Day, lunch)
  • Planner labels
  • Scrapbook stickers
  • Junk journal stickers
  • Kitchen labels
  • Name and address labels
  • Envelope stickers
  • Packaging stickers
  • Water bottle labels

#7 Budget Trackers In Etsy

Planner-lovers like to combine their love of organization and budgeting into one streamlined system. This is where budget trackers come into play.

You’ll find that they do better when sold as part of a set with digital planners and such. However, people have been known to make a substantial wad of cash selling solely budget trackers on Etsy.

#8 Invitation Templates In Etsy

Parties and weddings are happening all the time. Therefore, people always want some aesthetically pleasing, on-theme invitations to send to their family and friends.

Invitations are easy to make. Plus, you have the choice of whether to customize them for your client or let them do that part! There isn’t a limit.

#9 Website Templates In Etsy

For those of you out there who know how to make websites, you can earn a huge wad of cash out of selling your pre-made templates.

Generally, people use them on their WordPress or Squarespace websites and e-commerce stores. But you can target your designs to suit your demographic. It seems that all themes are loved by Etsy customers so go crazy.

#10 Scrapbooking Elements In Etsy

Last but definitely not least, printable scrapbooking elements sell extremely well on Etsy.

Those who are into junk journaling are always looking for colors, themes, and styles that they can’t find elsewhere. Not to mention that they will probably come back to buy all your themes.

You’ll get the most profit out of selling the various elements as kits of the same theme. Crafters are more likely to splash the cash this way.

The Top 10 Etsy Shops Selling Digital Downloads

We’ve covered the best selling digital downloads in 2021 and we know you’re probably raring to start selling your own stuff. However, it’s always wise to get some inspiration from the best digital download shops.

Let’s jump right in!

Lets learn from the Big Kids!

If you want to learn for the best you are in the right spot. We have copiled an expansive list of high performers in this field.

We highly recommend you click on a few of their shop names and check out how they have become so successful. It might even be beneficial to order a product or two to see the products first hand. These shops below have been very successful for a reason.

Enjoy the journey!


LILAxLOLA has a whopping 133,948 sales (at the time of writing, of course). She sells printable artwork specifically to hang on the walls of your baby’s nursery. However, she does offer shipped variants too for those who don’t own a printer.

This is an excellent way to do it. After all, it means you’re not excluding people. The entire world can experience the joy of her products!

#2 Daisy Stem Designs

Having only been on Etsy since 2019, Daisy Stem Designs has done incredibly well — she has over 5,360 sales already!

Similar to the store we just discussed, Steph, the owner, sells art prints. Dissimilar, however, is the fact that she sells completely customizable family prints which have always been popular on Etsy.

#3 Of Life and Lemons

The lady behind Of Life and Lemons doesn’t just sell digital downloads. Having said that, her digital prints do well.

The illustrations are simple yet striking and eye-catching, allowing for a wide target audience. Even her logo is bold and beautiful!

#4 SpokenGifts

With over 26,916 sales, SpokenGifts has been making a splash since 2017.

The digital prints are mainly black and white, tailored to a variety of markets and boosting sales. This is, undoubtedly, a trend in the best selling digital download Etsy shops. Targeting more than one audience is key

#5 DarlingJadore

DarlingJadore sells digital crochet and knitting patterns to make everything from headbands to sweaters to beanies to home decor.

They receive a plethora of 5-star reviews every week which is key in today’s competitive, fast-paced e-commerce world. But of course, it helps that they’re selling one of the most popular digital downloads going!

#6 LoveJunkJournals

This one is for all the scrapbooking lovers out there! LoveJunkJournals sells vintage-themed digital printable kits and has seen a staggering 64,704 sales.

She has created various kits with each item working wonderfully well with the next. As we said earlier, kits are where the money is at!

#7 Tralala Stickers

Tralala Stickers specializes in printable planner stickers. Each month is themed from the last and Eva, the owner, regularly runs sales to promote her brand.

#8 Digital Planner Tools

This shop caters to teachers, students, fitness fanatics, social media marketers, house flippers, party planners, and so much more. They’ve essentially targeted the entire population!

#9 The Magic Happens

The Magic Happens sells beautifully created digital planners, notebook covers, and Apple watch wallpapers. Each line of product matches so you can have continuity from your wrist to your iPad.

#10 AimeeMacIllustration

Aimee, the designer and owner of this Etsy store, sells printable artwork, cards, and more. Her aesthetic is pleasing yet targets a smaller audience while still managing to be one of the best digital sellers!

Written by Lisa

Lisa Lividoti Blogger and Owner of Homebyliv Etsy Shop

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