Using eRank For The Etsy Seller: Finding Tags and Keywords that Bring Sales

Where can I find the best FREE tools to research keywords and tags for my shop? 

Are you an Etsy Seller on a budget? Are you looking for a great way to research tags and keywords for your listings?  

We got you covered!  

We found some great free tools on eRank. Read on as we break down all the free eRank features.   Find out what real shoppers are searching for on Etsy to bring in the sales. 

What is eRank?

eRank tell us that their software is designed to help us with Etsy shops Keyword Research.  By discovering product keywords that real shoppers are searching for on Etsy your shop can be seen by more potential customers.

More eyes on your shop can equal more sales for you.

With eRank you can also keep an eye on your competitors by seeing their daily sales, listings, and keywords. This powerful software will help you stay on track with trends in Etsy so you can plan profitable products that are in demand.

Pricing: Is eRank Free?

YES! eRank Offers a Free Plan

If you want to try out eRank for free now is your time to jump in. We were pleasantly surprised that eRank’s free plan offers some great usable features.

However, be aware that eRank offers a free plan with limited access to their powerful tools. Later in this article we will outline some of the great features of eRank from their paid plans was well. We were so impressed with what the free plan had to offer we had to start there and you can too.

The free plans can give you some great insight into your shop keywords/tags and overall success. Be aware that there are some tools that are only available to the paid plan members.

eRank Free Plan Features:

CLICK HERE To Get Started With eRank For Free!

In addition, eRank allows you to look at 5 competitor/sellers on Etsy in your field. With the free plan, eRank will let you view the top 5 sellers instead of top 100 in their paid plans. You can get a basic idea of which shops are high performers in your niche.

I started with the free plan, and it was just enough to see how powerful this software is to help me rank my listing high in Etsy. It was great seeing the tags and keywords the competition was using on similar items that I had for sale in my shop. The eRank website is surprisingly easy to use as a first timer on the platform.

Top Free Features in eRank For the Etsy Seller

Keyword Explorer:

Find the Keywords and Tags Etsy Sellers Are Seeking

Seller Question: Your keywords /tags are on-point however, are they overused and saturated throughout Etsy?  

Which keywords/ tags have low competition but high search volume? 

eRank Answer: Discover what buyers are looking for on Etsy at any given time with Keyword Explorer.  The free plan allows up to 5 keyword lookups per day.  PERFECT.  Just enough to dive in. 

Keyword List:

Keep A Comprehensive List of Keywords and Tags in eRank

Seller Question: You have a fantastic list of keywords accumulated however, sadly you have nowhere to save the list. You have cute sticky notes all over your computer monitor to remember your stellar tags.   In addition, as you are researching within eRank you find keywords that are golden, but where is a pencil to document it? 

eRank Answer: eRank has you covered! Your keyword list is available right on-the-spot with the Keyword list in eRank.   Create one quick access list of your favorite keywords and tags with just a few clicks. With the free plan you can save one list.  eRank also allows you to save keywords to your list as you find them in this program.

Listing Changes:

Find Out If Your Listing Changes are Working For You

Seller Question: You are savvy enough to go in and change your title and tags to increase your sales the Listing Changes feature is for you.  It would be ideal to see if the changes you have made to your listings have been beneficial to your sales.  Is this possible?

eRank Answer: Listing changes allows you to mark any open listing in your shop to monitor increased views, favorites or sales based on the changes you make after listing.  The free plan allows you to track 1 listing. 

Monitor Tools:

Find Out Quick If Your Products Are Ranking High In Etsy

Seller Question: Do you ever wonder if your listings are showing up on page 1 or 2 of Etsy’s search results? 

eRank Answer: Monitor Tool tracks where your listings appear in Etsy search results for up to 14 days. 

Keyword Tools:

eRank Help You Find The Best Keywords For Your Products

Seller Question: You now have a new product/listing, and you need to find the best tags and keywords.  Where can you search to find the best tags to get the most traffic to your listing? 

eRank Answer: tools can help you find the best tags and keywords for your listings. Use this powerful tool to see how your competitors write their titles, which tags they use, as well as how the item is priced.  The free plan allows you 50 lookups per day, which is ideal to get you started. 

Listing Audit:

Get A Complete Audit of Your Current Etsy Listing

Seller Question: have an active listing that does not seem to be getting many views.  What can you do to bring more eyes to your product? 

eRank Answer: Choose one of your listings in eRank and click on the Listing Audit icon to see some great suggestions.   With Listing Audit eRank can assess each component of your listing’s title, tags, description and more.  Armed with some great listing suggestions eRank is here to help your item get seen and hopeful sold quickly.  The free plan is limited to 25 lookups a day which is great to get started for any seller. 

Rank Checker:

Find Out On The Spot How Your Current Tags and Keywords Rate

Seller Question: Are you using the best high performing tags and keywords to get your product seen in Etsy?

There must be a way to see how your keywords and tags rank in Etsy? Are they low competition high performing keywords and tags?

eRank Answer: Rank Checker eRank can show you similar listings, so you can see how your products rank with particular keywords.  The free plan is limited to 10 lookups per day which is enough for most sellers. 

Three Paid eRank Plans: BASIC PRO and EXPERT

Now that you have seen what you can accomplish with the free plan of eRank it’s time to dive into the paid plans. If you want more than what the free plan has to offer you will find the next level up can be a quite low-cost option.

The Paid eRank Tools:  Cost Overview

Once you try out the free features in eRank you may find a need to upgrade to one of their paid plans.  

Below is a summary of what the paid plans have to offer.  We found the pricing reasonable, and we loved that you could try out different tiers for just a month at a time with no obligation to sign up for a long term contract.  With such a small investment why would you hesitate to give it a whirl. 

My Favorite Features of eRank

Most of my favorite features in eRank are free. I use the eRank software to analyze my current listings as well and future listings.   Some of my favorite features are listed below:

Tag Reports

This feature allows you to go to your shop and generate a report of all your listing tags in your shop within all of your listings.  Once the report is generated you can export your list to a CSV report.  Each week I list several similar items therefore I found it useful to see the tags that are working well in my shop. 

As I’m looking over my report, I can see which tags in my listings are successful.

This report will give me a list of tags and show me a rating for each.  I tend to look for tags that show the following combination: Successful tags are generally medium to high Etsy search volume with low to medium competition numbers.

This software will show me all the high-performance keywords/tags thought my shop.  


As I’m looking over my report, I can see which tags are successful.

How exactly do you find winning tags? The sweet spot is to find the tags marked as a medium to high Etsy searches with low competition.

Compare Listings

Erank allows you to do a side-by-side comparison of well performing listings similar to yours.

I decided to test out this feature with a new antique I am about to list.

Erank essentially allows you to peek into your competitors listings and see the products tags and titles and surprisingly I found a few other helpful nibbles of information.

The most useful information I found was a list of tags these competitors used when they posted their items. As you view each tag you will seeing how each tag rate in erank.  In addition, erank will list important information on these items such as how long the item has been listed and how many view the item has received over the past 30 days.

Creating Keyword Lists

Free members can save one keyword to one list, Basic members can save up to 25 keywords to up to 25 different lists, Pro members can save up to 50 keywords to up to 50 different lists, and Expert members can save up to 100 keywords to up to 100 different lists. 

Here is how I use Keyword Lists

When I return from my sourcing trips, I usually have 10 plus items to list into my shop. 

Just as a frame of reference I do sell antiques so the list of tags I need to research can vary per item.    Anyone that sells antiques can tell you tags can brings on the biggest challenge as vintage seller.   I am contently on the lookout for the right tags for each item I list into my shop.

This Keyword List tool has saved me valuable research time when trying to find the right reachable tags for my item.

Although this Keyword List feature is a paid add on to eRank I feel this feature alone is well worth the $9.99 a month for the software.

In Conclusion

Now that you can see what eRank can do for your shop it’s almost a no-brainer to try out the free version of this powerful software. Get an edge on your competition, cut back on your research hours, and learn about some super powerful tags and keywords to get your listings seen in a sea of Etsy Shops. Get seen on page one of Etsy’s searches. YOU GOT THIS!

Click here to get started with a free eRank plan.

Written by Lisa

Lisa Lividoti Blogger and Owner of Homebyliv Etsy Shop

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