Using Etsy Tags and Titles To Be Found In Search: Using Keywords Like A Boss!

Are there actions I can take to be found in Etsy’s search? Please help me get eyes on my shop.

There are many ways to be found in Etsy’s search. From the proper use of Tags and Titles with Long-tail Keywords, learning to use your Etsy stats, to using free SEO tools you can generate consistent traffic to your shop in no time.

Using Tags Properly

Use All 13 Tag Will Help You Get Found

Filling Out Your TAGS Field When Listing A New Item In Etsy

Question: When adding a new listing to your shop does Etsy make you add words to your “tags” field to post an item? This answer is no.

Etsy does not require you to add in any tags when you list a new item into your shop. Etsy allows you to list your item without adding even 1 of the 13 tags available to you in the listing. It’s good to know exactly what Etsy allow you to do in this field. Although there are some fields that are required to be filled out when listing an item we were surprised to learn “tags” is not one of them.

The Rules On Tags In An Etsy Listing

~ Etsy will allow you to list your item without adding tags to your item posted.

~ Your tags can be up to 20 characters long.

Should You Be Adding Tags to Your Etsy Listings?

If you were to ask us: Should I create a new shop listing in Etsy and leave the keyword “tags” blank? Our reply would be NO. Here at SellersTable we do no recommend leaving your tags blank. If you want to be found in search those keywords used in the tags fields are critical to being found in Etsy.

Where Do You Add Tags In A New Etsy Listing?

As you list your items in Etsy you come across a section of the form to insert tags (See diagram below).  Surprisingly, Etsy does not require you to add in custom tags to your listings, but honestly why would you skip this opportunity to help shoppers find you in search? 


Etsy gives you 13 tags (keywords) as an opportunity to be matched up with a shoppers search. Without using tags in your listings it is very difficult for your items and your shop to be found in Etsy. With many new shops being open daily on the platform the competition is becoming more fierce every day.

You want to be found high up in search for the best visibility for shoppers looking for your items.

Take a look at this example below which simplifies your option.

Tags Added to ListingNumber of Match Opportunities For Shoppers
2 Tags2 opportunities for shoppers to match with your keywords
13 Tags13 opportunities for shoppers to match with your keywords
Use all 13 tags

Use Long-Tail Keywords in Your Etsy Listings

Now that you know you need to use all of your 13 tags in your listings let talk about the keywords you should use for these tags. How do you come up with 13 tags for your listing?

You always want to match up your listing to what a shopper is typing in the search bar. Now it’s your turn to brainstorm and think like a shopper. ACTION: Make your list of keywords/tags for each listing you would like to add to your shop.

A word or phrase that Etsy shoppers type in the search bar to describe what they are looking for to purchase is considered a keyword. Using long-tail keywords is highly recommended for bringing buyers to your product. If you can match the keywords the buyer is typing directly too your listings you will increase your traffic.

You are more apt to be found by buyers with the right tags and title keywords in your listings.

As a shop owner, it’s your job to target the shopper’s user intent, so your items can be found in search. Understanding the keyword or words typed into Etsy search can help you be found by shoppers. We all know that we want

Why use Long-Tail Keywords?

Have you heard the term “Long-Tail Keywords” before?

When I started selling on Etsy years ago I had heard the term, however, I had never understood the meaning of this term and why it was important. Know that when if you are using long-tail keywords you will inturn reach a more targeted audience.

Long-tail Keywords are added to your tags and title of your listings.

Keywords are great, but Multiple Keywords are all that and a bag of chips! Multiple Keywords ( also known as Long tail Keywords) are longer and more keyed in phrases that a buyer my type into the Etsy search to find a specific product. Targeting long tail keywords is an ideal tactic to being found.

Example of A Long-Tail Keyword in Etsy

Here is an example of how using long-tail keywords can help your shop. Let us say that you are a shop owner, and you sell handmade knit poncho sweaters. You have just finished up a beautiful sweater, and you are ready to list it into your shop. You begin to come up with a list of keywords to add to your new listing.

Looking at the example below you can see the long-tail keywords are a better choice in finding the right buyer for your item.

An Example Of Hand Knit Red Poncho Sweater Tags for an Etsy Listing

Check your Etsy Stats for Keywords

As an Etsy seller is there a way to find out what keywords were typed to find your shop and items? YES!

Knowing how a shopper found you is a great way to bringing in more traffic to your shop. By going to your Etsy shop stats, you can actually find real-time keywords buyers have used to find your items.

Etsy tells us:

Etsy Stats provide you with data for your shop. With Stats, you can see how your shop is performing, where your traffic to your shop comes from and how shoppers are engaging with your listings.

How to use Etsy Stats For Your Shop ~

As a seller, it has been fantastic to see the actual keywords a shopper has typed into a search to successfully find my items. Seeing the keywords in my stats helps me create new listings that will be seen by potential buyers. Knowing these keywords will only help me when creating new listings in my shop. Take a look below to see what keywords I found in my shop stats. I found a few long-tail keywords I would have never used when creating a listing. This is an outstanding resource when creating new listings.

Now It’s Your Turn!

Have you ever wondered what keywords are used in your shop to find your items? Wonder no more! Follow the steps below to find all the useful keywords shoppers have typed in and found your shop items.

How to use Search Analytics In Your Etsy Shop

Etsy tells us that that your search analytics will show you how people find your shop in search on It’s so critical to find out what search queries lead people to your shop.

Think about how useful this analytics can be to your future listings. Let’s give it a try!

To use search analytics:

  1. Sign in to
  2. Click the Shop Manager icon.
  3. Click Marketing.
  4. Click Search analytics.
  5. Select what timeframe you’d like to look at. You can choose specific days, months, or entire years.
  6. Review your search analytics.

Go To The Pros for your Keywords!

As an Etsy Seller, you don’t have to go it alone.

Mastering SEO for Etsy Sellers can be tricky, especially if you’re just stating out.

We are here to show you the top 2 SEO tools we love that can bring your Etsy shop to a new level. Here are 2 of our favorite SEO Tools which by the way offer FREE PLANS. These tools are fast, free and so easy to use.

These tools intergrade smoothly with Etsy to find the keywords you need for your shop. Don’t worry about cost at this point as the tools we recommend below all have a free version to install to get you started.


Here is a breakdown of these great SEO tools.


Marmalead is the only SEO sidekick you and your Etsy shop will ever need — but it’s also excellent at working out keywords for your handmade crafts. So if you’re searching for an app that takes the guesswork out of custom tags and keywords, you’ve found it.

Marmalead tells us they offer powerful (and fun) brainstorming tools to help you find the keywords real shoppers are using to find listings like yours.


Choosing the right keywords for your tags and titles is a snap with eRank. With eRank you can find out approximately how many people on Etsy are typing your exact search words into Etsy’s search bar while shopping.

For a view of keywords that shoppers are currently using in searches on Etsy, eRank members with either Basic or Pro plan have access to Keyword Explorer’s detailed analysis of keyword data compiled from actual Etsy shopper searches. eRank intergrades smoothly with Etsy as it knows what keywords work for your listings.

What do you get with a free eRank membership? With a free membership, you can use eRank’s Keyword Tool. The data there is created from a comprehensive analysis of the top 100 listings found in Etsy search results for any keyword you specify. eRank is a truely powerful tool for any Etsy Seller.

In Conclusion

When starting out as an Etsy Seller most sellers create their items, add them to their online shop and hope for the best. Here at SellersTable we say take it a step further. Follow our lead and use all your 13 tags in a listing, create long-tail keywords, and learn how to utilize your Etsy Stats. Don’t forget there are many SEO tools you have at your fingers tips. Using all these SEO tips will ensure you a better shot at being found in Etsy and making the sale.

Written by Lisa

Lisa Lividoti Blogger and Owner of Homebyliv Etsy Shop

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