6 Simple SEO Tips To Drive More Traffic To Your Etsy Shop Today: A Step-By-Step Guide

My Etsy shop needs more traffic. What can I do now to get more eyes on my Etsy items?

Learn simple steps today to optimize your shop with a few simple changes. Gain more visitors today! Learn how to make your Etsy Shop soar with our SEO Tips to bring the customers right to your door.

What is SEO

Etsy tells us that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a powerful process that can help improve the visibility of your shop. Millions of shoppers are coming to Etsy.

HOW IT WORKS: Shoppers are adding in words to the Etsy search bar looking for a specific item to purchase. Read on to find out how to add the correct keywords in your tags and titles of your listings to creates new chances for your items to match with shoppers’ searches. Learning correct keywords and tags for your items is critical for your Etsy Success.

Free SEO Tag Generators in 2020

You’ve started on Etsy — excellent! But you’re worried because you aren’t getting many visitors? Oh, well that’s easily fixable. You just need a good tag generator. Luckily, we’ve got a few free keyword tools right here!


If you don’t want to use Etsy’s own-brand tool, you should check out Marmalead. It helps you choose both Etsy and eBay tags for your products.

All you have to do is start searching for the items you’re selling, and Marmalead will spew out some of the most popular keywords. You can then easily drive more traffic to your shop.

With this best Etsy tag generator, you’ll be able to add multiple accounts to ensure continuity across all your websites. The company utilizes high-brow security and protection software to keep all of its uses safe. There’s nothing worse than an unsecured web presence!

#3 eRank

This one is very intuitive. Not only does it help you select the best keywords for your product descriptions and titles, but it also allows you to track their performance. What does this mean? Let’s find out.

The snazzy “Tag Report” feature sends you regular feedback on how well buyers are connecting with your products. From this statement, you will be able to see exactly which keywords are working and which ones are not

Of course, you need to act on your findings, otherwise, they’re rendered pretty much useless. But it can be a valuable resource for those who are new to analytics.

Here is a quote from a fellow Etsy Seller that has used E-Rank:

 “eRank offers a lot of functionality for free. I really appreciate that I can actually do keyword research with them without paying a monthly fee. 

I have found that eRank’s keyword research tools have given me an accurate broad indication of what gets more views based on keyword popularity compared to competition levels.”

Kristi Owner of Etsy shop Kinrannoch Photography

Use all 13 Tags

Think of Etsy listing tags as a word or short phrase that explains your shop items for sale. Etsy gives you an opportunity to add up to 13 of these descriptive tags for each listing in our shop.

USE ALL 13 TAGS. Why? The keyword tags you add to your listings are matched up with what is typed in Etsy’s search bar when someone is looking for an item to purchase. Matching the shoppers query will get you found in search. Although tags are not a required field to adding a listing tags are one of the most important part of your listing as they help you get found on Etsy. There is a skill to creating and finding these keywords for your tags. Read on to learn more!

Use Multi-Work Phrases | Long-Tail Keywords

Should you use just one word or multiple words for your tags?

Using multi-word phrases is your best plan of action. Your tags limit is up to 20 characters long. To be found in search we discovered it is best to use multiple phrases than to load your tags with single words. You are competing with many sellers.

Do use multi-word phrases. Your tags can be up to 20 characters long. It’s better to use multiple phrases than to load your tags with single words. For example, “custom bracelet” is stronger than “custom” and “bracelet” and frees up another tag for you to use.

Etsy. Keywords 101: Everything You Need to Know

In our example below as of today’s date when a search is done in Etsy for the word “Headbands” there are 782,107 items that appear in search. If a shopper were to type in ” Red Headband for teens” only 676 item appear.

Example: You Sell Red headbands for Teens

A tag of “Red Headband Teens” is stronger than the tag “headband”. Using the tag “Teen Headband” has more reach than the tag “Teens”. Using multi-word phrase (also known as Long-Tail Keywords) will narrow down the search for any potential buyer.

Think Like A Buyer / Write It Up!

When you begin to craft your keywords try putting yourself in the shoes of the shopper for a moment.

You’re looking for a particular item on Etsy to purchase. Think about what words you would you type in the search bar? What words or phrases would be relevant to your item?

Start to think of the items:

  • Color
  • Shape
  • Why is it being purchased? (Special Occasion)
  • What material is it made of? (Silk, cotton, metal, wrought iron, pressed glass)
  • What technique /processes was used to make the item? (hand painted, knit, stitched)

Grab a notebook and start writing down all the keywords you can think of for your shop item. Go into Etsy and type in your keywords and see what comes up in Etsy search. Did you find an item similar to your item? This exercise is also helpful to seeing what kind of completion you have on this product.

Use Etsy — Search Bar

Knowing what shoppers are searching for can be daunting. Keying in on the popular keywords and phrase they are using to find product can be a challenge.

If you are interested to see what shoppers are searching for simply use Etsy’s own “autocomplete”. Let’s use our headband example. Here we have gone into Etsy and searched for the word “Headband”.

Etsy Autocomplete in action!

Take a look at the screenshot above and see what Etsy tells us. The autocomplete in Etsy shows us the most popular searches in Etsy and boy is this information valuable.

I used this example because I have a fellow seller friend who just stated making headbands. She was not sure if she should put buttons on her headbands so nurses can use them to hold their masks back. Looking at this search she decided to go forward and add a few of these button headbands into her shop.

Here are some great long-tail keywords Etsy tells us is popular with shoppers.

  • Headband for Women
  • Headband with button
  • Headbands for girls
  • Headband for masks

You can expand on this search as well by typing in any of these found long-tail keywords above in Etsy to get even more tags for your listings. Using Etsy’s autocomplete is an effective method to find what shoppers are looking for in their search for products.

Auto-Populate Your “Tags” Field

You can take your keywords from your title listing and auto-populate them into your tags field. Mind Blown!

Ok, how can I write about tags and SEO without adding in this PRO TIP?

As a seller, I try and add essential keywords to my “LISTING TITLE” as I create my listings. As I come to the field of “TAGS” I know I have 13 changes to put in my best keywords.

I’ve been told by many fellow sellers it’s smart to use all keywords from your “TITLE” and add them into the “TAGS” field as well. I recently was introduced to a trick that will auto-populate all the keywords from your title and add them to your tags. What a time saver!

How to Auto- Populate Your Keywords from your Title and add them to your Tags.

  1. Highlight your entire listing title and copy it.
  2. Scroll down to the tags field and place your cursor in the field.
  3. Right-click your mouse and choose paste. Your keywords will be separated and Auto-Populated into the tags field.

NOTE: The Auto-Populate feature will work only if your title is separated by commas. If your phrase is more than 20 characters you can manually break down the keywords into tags.

Your ETSY Stats can help with Tags

What keywords are actually being used to find your listings? Is it possible that the keywords shoppers are typing into Etsy search are not being used in your listings? YES.

Use the actual keywords shoppers are using to find your items. Finding out what shoppers have used for keywords can help you create a comprehensive list of tags.

Follow the steps below to see what keywords are being used to find your items.

Etsy’s Stats of “Search Terms” For Your Shop

  • Click in the shop Manager
  • Click on Stats
  • Scroll down to “How shoppers found you” and click on “Etsy Search”.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to “Search terms”.

In conclusion

Getting views to your shop is easy once you learn how. Finding the right keywords to bring eyes to your shop is the key. From optimizing your Etsy stats, using Free Keyword tools to utilizing Etsy’s autocomplete you can bring shoppers right to your items in no time.

Written by Lisa

Lisa Lividoti Blogger and Owner of Homebyliv Etsy Shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/HomebyLiv

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