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I spend a lot of time working at my desk. What is the best desk placement for full balance and a positive work environment?

Your desk direction plays more of a role than you think. Seriously, you can’t achieve optimum feng shui without considering this. Don’t worry, we’ve simplified the process for you.

Why Feng Shui?

Working from home, especially for stay-at-home moms who are trying to start up or run their business, doesn’t have to be stressful. Ensuring you have an inviting workspace will help to make your working day a truly enjoyable one. An invigorating and stimulating environment will really get your creative juices flowing.

Feng Shui “Lucky Directions”

One of the main principles behind feng shui is the concept of good and bad directions. Simply put, a lucky feng shui direction is one that allows you to have good quality energy compared with that of other directions. We’ve all heard of the lucky feng shui directions to encourage success, money, good health, and better relationships; these are worked out based on whether you are male or female and also your date of birth. The practice of feng shui would also require you to work out what your Kua number is – once you know this you can establish your lucky feng shui directions.

However, you don’t need to work out your Kua numbers to put into practice the basic principles of good positioning when it comes to your home office set-up.

Feng Shui Home Office Desk Direction – Improve Productivity Through Feng Shui

When creating a vibrant, creative workspace in your home, the ethos behind feng shui can really help. Your desk will usually represent the hub of your office space, so you must take the time to think about its positioning if you want to maximize the feng shui in the room.

Most feng shui masters will state that your desk should be located in what’s known as the “power position” of the workspace. This is usually diagonally opposite the door; giving you a truly commanding view of your space and enabling you to consider the area you have before you and to think more clearly and lucidly – therefore increasing your productivity!

The principle behind the placement of your desk and the direction in which you are sitting at it encourages you to position your desk in the power spot of your workspace. This is also known as the “feng shui command position”. You really don’t need to be a master of feng shui to work out where this location is in your office. It’s also good to ensure that your desk faces one of your lucky directions if you can – ultimate feng shui!

As an aside, you can easily apply the same principle to the placement of your bed – but that’s another article. Needless to say, the reason why your bed and your desk and considered the same here is that these are the places where people tend to spend the majority of their time and usually facing the same direction while doing so. Therefore, if you apply the feng shui lucky directions in addition to your feng shui command position, you’re onto a real winner and you’ll be sure to see the difference it can make.

The Feng Shui Command Position

The feng shui command position is the position in the room where you feel best placed to handle whatever the world is going to throw at you. In any room, this location is usually the point that is furthest from the door (main door if there is more than one) but is not directly in line with it – so you tend to locate the item of furniture (in this case, your desk) diagonally from that particular door and also facing it. Therefore, you have your back to the wall and have a good “command” of the space in front of your desk. And you’re also able to see whoever comes into the space through that door.

The command position can really help you take control of your life and put your creativity to the fore. So, you moms who are trying to juggle kids, home life, and growing your business, can benefit from this.

Consider looking down on a square room with a door in the bottom left corner of it. The best location for your desk to be in the command position would be in the top right corner but diagonally to the corner with you sitting behind it. You’d therefore be facing the door and consequently anyone who enters the room. This gives you the best possible visual control.

One of the great foundations of feng shui is to encourage you to feel that you and your family are loved and safe. This is the first thing to establish before you start to focus on things such as bettering relationships or finances. The command position is one of the easiest and definitely one of the most robust tools in your feng shui toolkit that you can use to start taking charge of your life – and therefore your home business.

The Command Position In A Nutshell

To summarize: the command position (or “power position” as it is also called) is essentially one of the most key considerations in feng shui. Positioning the desk here will have a considerable impact on our mental health and our general well-being. In fact, it can benefit every aspect of our lives.

1. Position your desk so that you can easily see the door

It’s not possible to psychologically relax if we have our back to the door. Everyone feels open and vulnerable in this position. Our stress impulses are heightened.

2. Place your desk to ensure that it is not directly in line with the door

The feng shui ethos states that energy will flow through our home and therefore our workspace in the same way as the blood in our veins. Nature has no straight lines. Putting your desk in line with the door will cause distractions.

3. Place your desk so that your back is facing a solid wall

The same applies to your workspace as in a restaurant. Who feels comfortable sitting with their back to the door in a restaurant? Nobody! So, make sure that your back is facing a wall so that you feel you are supported and secure.

Enjoy creating a super feng shui workspace!

Written by Lisa

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