Packing Etsy Orders: 6 Great Packaging Ideas That Can Increase Your Sales

I wanted to make my Etsy shipments feel special as I packaged them. What can I do to make my orders stand out? How can I establish strong company branding to new customers and be remembered?

Why does it pay to go the extra mile?

Whether its an Amazon’s smiling box or the Starbucks little mermaid sometimes the product packing is just as memorable as the product itself.

According to Dotcom Distribution 61% say they are much more likely to repeat a purchase of a luxury product if it came in premium packaging.

Dotcom E-Commerce Packaging Study

You want your first time customer to return for a second and third sale. You want to be remembered. Taking a little extra care with your branding and packing can go a long way.

So where do you start when you’re on a budget? Getting creative with your packaging is not difficult when you have a few great ideas to get your packing on target and on brand. Take a look at some of these great ideas.

Stamping Options

Custom cards with your logo can be very expensive. I found a great alternative to branding your packages at a much more cost effective manner. I stamp my thank you notes and packaging with custom stamps.

What a money saver!!

I found a fantastic Etsy seller that creates stamps for your busy business. The Etsy shop is named Terabearco . This stamping shop has been selling on Etsy since 2007. Tebaberco offered a large range of custom rubber stamps and return address stamps. I ordered a custom stamp to get my Etsy shop name out there and it has helped bring back repeat customers 10 fold.

What I loved about the Terabearco is they have a wide array of stamps as well as various ink pads in all the colors of the rainbow. There customer service is amazing. If you are on a budget and your looking to make a lasting impact on your packaging using custom stamps for your shop is the way to go.

Thank you Notes

Do you remember the last time you got a hand written thank you note in the mail? So many big box stores are now taking advance of online shoppers looking for deals. However, With impersonal printed invoices a personal hand written note is a welcome change.

Is it possible to send out a personal “thank you for your order” notes to every customer? YES! Think about how many orders you received daily. If you setup thanks you notes in advance you can quickly write up a personal message to each customer.

PRO TIP: Don’t be afraid to add in your business card inside your personal note card. I’ve gotten many return customers thanks to my business cards. The thank you note is a perfect place to add your card or even add a discount coupon for a future sale.

Home By Liv

DIY Cutter

Early on in my shop I had purchased precut large gift tags for my orders. It all started when I offered gift wrapping over the holidays. They gift tag adds a special touch to the package.

As I used these tags more often on my orders I decided a DIY Cutter would be a good investment.

I purchased my DIY Cutter online. The cutter is a Bira 3 inch Price Tag Lever Action Craft Punch. With this purchase coming in at under $20 it saved me money in the long run. I no longer needed to purchase my precut tags. I found so many other great uses for these tags. As my items shipped out I would stamp these tag or hand write on them various notes. If I am running a sale I can even wrote in a sale code on these cute tags as an for extra marketing technique.

We use them to write:

  • Happy Holidays
  • Just For You
  • Thank You For Your Order
  • A Special Gift Ordered Just For You

PRO TIP: Offering gift wrapping in your shop is a snap. Follow this link to find out how to enable gift wrapping as an options to your buyers. They will be thrilled to have this extra service if needed.

How to Offer Gift Wrapping Services To Your Esty Customer

Tissue Paper and Twine

As I sold my antiques I found I used a lot of bubble wrap. As you many have guessed wrapping an item in bubble wrap is protective but is it appealing? Some would argue the point but I would say no, basic bubble wrap packing is not appealing. Although your item is well protected it lacks some finesse.

Each item that ships from my ship is wrapped is very delicate, nicely colored tissue paper. As a bonus I was able to find some tissue that matched my branding colors.

You can usually buy your tissue in bulk to save money. I’ve even been know to frequent my local dollar store if they have the large package in stock.

PRO TIP: Wrapped tissue is pretty inexpensive. If you are looking to splurge a little and branding is something you are into take a peek at this cool custom printed tissue wrapping paper. Sold by TechPerch You can find the shop on Etsy to view all their options.

Custom Printed Tissue Wrapping Paper
Talk about amazing branding! You can order custom tissue with your logo printed clearly and beautifully. Find this great inspiration on Etsy at TechPerch!

My Favorite Shipping Tool– Butcher Shop Paper

Butcher paper is a sellers best friend. Butcher paper for me serves three main functions so it is well worth the investment which is gift wrapping paper, filler and presentation. I purchased my butcher paper on Amazon. I did need to buy the spool to make my life easier.


  1. You can use paper as filler as it is cheeper option to bubble wrap.
  2. You can use it to wrap your gift and stamp it with your logo for branding.
  3. You can use as a presentation layer above your wrapped item.


I remember back when I was a kids and I would get a package in the mail. All the excitement of a delivery. What was this large envelope address to me covered in stickers?

The funny thing is even today If I were to get a package adorned with a cool sticker I still can’t wait to open it. Making a shipment memorable is key. I found two Etsy shops that share in my excitement for stickers.

Happy Post Stickers

First up is from the UK Etsy shop The Little Stag Crafters are the happy mail stickers I send along on most of my packages. The stickers are reasonably priced. My customers go nuts for these cute stickers. I add these stickers right by the recipients mailing address.

Happy Mail Stickers

Second set of stickers is also from the UK. The shop name is Azmari. I order their stickers that have a sweet envelope that reads happy mail. Azmari has fantastic customer service and quality stickers.

Happy Post Stickers / The Little Stag Crafters
Happy Mail Stickers / Azmari

The Wrap Up

Surprisingly it will not break the bank to make your packages shine. With a little creativity with branding and a few inexpensive items your shop will keep them coming back for more.

Written by Lisa

Lisa Lividoti Blogger and Owner of Homebyliv Etsy Shop

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