The Top 10 Most Profitable Crafts on Etsy

You are ready to make a living running your small business selling on Etsy. You have drive and excitement to start, however, you need to know what makes money?

Don’t know what to sell in your Etsy store? We do! All the profitable Etsy crafts you could possibly ask for are just one click way. Find out what sells on Etsy.


Yep, they’re a small item but loved by almost every arty-crafty person. Plus, people tend to order loads at one time so you can rake in the cash pretty quickly if you’re clever about it.

All sorts of stickers sell well on Etsy — customized, vinyl, transparent, planner, matte, and lots more. TheCoffeeMonsterzCO has used this to their advantage. They even created their own character that people can’t get enough of! If you’re in any way handy with a pencil and know a bit about “aesthetics” you can bring in a sizeable chunk selling stickers on Etsy.

Journals and Notebooks

Journals and notebooks are the second most profitable Etsy product. Why? Honestly, it goes hand-in-hand with the stickers.

Bullet journaling has become incredibly popular — more so recently because of the work from home initiative. People always want a fancy, special-feeling notebook or junk journal to write down their innermost thoughts and feelings.

ScribbleandDotCo is an interesting store to have a look at if you’re looking at the possibilities of making your own notebooks. However, you can charge even more for junk journals since a lot more effort is required to make one. Have a look at KarenTurnerArts for inspiration. She’s had a huge amount of sales and runs an arguably flawless Etsy craft business.


Admittedly, jewelry is a pretty hard market to successfully break into. The jewelry market on Etsy is fierce. But that doesn’t mean to say that it can’t be done — it can if you’re willing to put the work in. Trust us, the profits will blow your socks off!

To this day, jewelry is the largest category on Etsy. For those who want to start crafting for profit, you should try to find a niche here. Just be aware that the competition is fierce. (But we believe in you!)

Check out VFJewellery to get some inspiration. They have made an eye-popping 19,267 sales which seems to be rising by the day.


Do you know anyone who doesn’t like candles? Didn’t think so! It’s easily one of the most accessible products available on Etsy.

Not only will they give you a great return on your investment, but candles also give your customers a good bang for their buck. Not to mention that there are so many ways you can customize them. Everything from the color and scent, to the shape and material of the container.

The NaturalSoyCandleShop does both bespoke and candles enriched with nothing but natural ingredients. Targetting the masses like this is the way forward.

Insider tip: mason jars work well and you can maximize your profits easily with these!

Personalized Items

You can create almost anything and add an option for customization. Regardless of what the item is, people will go crazy if they can have their name engraved on it. The best part is that you don’t need to invest a huge amount of money to get started. You’ll never have to go through the awful “breaking even” business!

EngraveMyMemories has had over 100,000 Etsy sales since they started selling personalized tumblers, memory boxes, water bottles, and loads more. Marc Pendergraft, the owner, seems to have done everything right when it comes to eCommerce.

Home Decor Items

Been on Pinterest lately? It’s filled up with aesthetic interior design and home-office setup pictures. This has undoubtedly led to the increased popularity of handmade home decor items on Etsy. Boy, can you make a lot selling attractive yet functional design pieces.

There are so many different avenues of selling this profitable Etsy craft. Here are just a few to pique your interest:

  • BetonDeko — these guys sell decorative concrete coasters and other desk organizers.
  • EverlongPrintCo — this company appeals to the masses with its simplistic prints of all sizes.
  • RetroRadical — this business specializes in home decor items inspired by the coast.

Organic Cosmetics

This one is a lot harder to start up as you need the appropriate FDA credentials. However, organic cosmetics are now more popular than ever before. Why? In short, the rise of veganism and health-conscious attitudes.

If you’re prepared to go through the hassle of acquiring all the necessary certificates, you could join the other organic cosmetic brands who are making a full-time career out of their endeavor.

Personally, we love Conscious Skincare and Clean-Faced Cosmetics.


To tell you the truth, we could’ve included this in our home decor section but it’s such a thing over on Etsy that we figured we’d separate it.

We have found the most popular posters are:

  • Banksy inspired designs
  • Family tree charts
  • Marvel characters

People tend to find that buying posters for someone (especially teenagers who are stereotypically hard to shop for) is the easiest route. Hence the love (and therefore profit) these eCommerce stores receive.

For inspiration, you should check out FreshRetroGallery.

Digital Products

What do we mean by digital products? Everything from graphics, ephemera print outs, worksheets, sheet music, and the rest. People love instant gratification, which is exactly what they get when they buy digital items. If you’ve got some computer skills, you can get started right away with little to no extra cost. Learning a graphic software like Canva or PicMonkey can help in the creation process.

AirPod Cases

iPhone accessories seem to be everywhere — and customized AirPod cases are no different. Whether you want your name on it or a different color for every day of the week, you can find it on Etsy.

You just need an AirPod case with an on-trend design to start making a decent profit! Tykhee has got this down to a fine art.

The wrap up

Now that you know what sells it’s time to pick a product and run with it. Stay focused and organized and you can begin making money on products you love.

Written by Lisa

Lisa Lividoti Blogger and Owner of Homebyliv Etsy Shop

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