The Top 20 Back to School Finds on Etsy for 2021: Send Them Off Ready To Learn

From elementary school to college, let’s get our students ready for the new school year!

This school season means new pencil cases, erasers, backpacks, and more. Come along with us and find some great one-of-a-kind items on Etsy. Whether at home or in the classroom, Etsy has the supplies you need to get your student off to a great school year.

From Elementary school to Collage, we got you covered. We’re a believer in supporting small businesses, so find our top 20 back-to-school Etsy finds below!

The Best Elementary School Etsy Finds

Starting with the younger ones, we know they’ll love these learning aids and accessories.

#1 Wooden Sand Writing Tray

CLICK HERE to visit The Little Coach House on Etsy

Whether you’re practicing handwriting or are using the Montessori method with your children, then this wooden sand writing tray will help elevate their experience. We love these wooden sand trays!

The sand is easily replaceable and suits any forward-thinking home. A must for little learners! Check out TheLittleCoachHouse for this creative learning tool!

#2 A Little Pocketful of Comfort

CLICK HERE to visit We Are Bread And Jam on Etsy

Does your child err on the side of anxiety? No worries. This pocketful of comfort will help soothe their worries.

This shop reminds up that when things get a little too overwhelming, we all need some comfort and reassurance and know that everything will be OK. These little pocketful of comfort contains eight messages which have been chosen to comfort and calm. The cotton pouch comes with rainbow ribbons printed with motivating and relaxing sentiments. Great for a back-to-school surprise.

#3 Alphabet Flashcards

CLICK HERE to visit Fili and Flora on Etsy


Flashcards allow your little one to learn the alphabet with ease (and remember their animals too!).

These handmade, brightly-colored, sturdy cards are not only great for educating but also for decorating. Why not stick them on your child’s wall so they can learn at their own pace? Or perhaps make up stories using them before bed?

#4 Personalized Backpacks

CLICK HERE to visit Amy Lucy Designs on Etsy

Is your child soccer mad? If so, this personalized backpack will be adored for years. Big enough to fit all their school supplies inside, their labeled bag will never go missing. They even let you pick different fonts!

#5 Personalized Giraffe Lunch Bag

CLICK HERE to visit Niica Gifts on Etsy

Does your little one love giraffes? This bestselling personalized lunch bag allows them to display their adoration with pride. You can even add their name for extra cuteness!

It’s made from insulated blue material with a heavy-duty carry handle. It’s 25 cm x 18 cm x 11 cm, the perfect size for your tiny tot. 

Top Middle and High School Etsy Finds

Middle and high school isn’t so much about lunch bags. It’s more about weekly planners and cute erasers. Here are the best back-to-school bits on Etsy for middle/high schoolers. 

#1 Terrazzo Weekly Planner

CLICK HERE to visit doodlelove on Etsy

The difference between elementary school, middle school, and high school can be quite jarring. The best way to deal with your increased freedom — and the never-ending necessity to be organized — is to grab yourself a weekly planner.

Terrazzo is all the rage at the moment so you can be on-trend and on time. The pad comes with sections for the days of the week and a handy-dandy checklist for the week’s to-dos.

It contains 50 pages and is A4 (big enough to fit all your assignments and social engagements).

#2 Personalized Pencils

CLICK HERE to visit Dios Designs on Etsy

As a middle or high schooler, you want to keep your school supplies safe. Everyone knows that lending your pens/pencils means they likely will never be returned. But with personalized pencils like these, there’s no need to worry about that.

Available in a variety of colors, you can buy just one or 100, it’s up to you! Oh, and you’re not limited to your name either. You can personalize your pencil(s) with up to 50 characters (no emojis allowed!).

#3 Kawaii Erasers

CLICK HERE to visit Small Bliss Kawaii on Etsy

What happens when you make a mistake? You ask your friend for an eraser and they hand you a crusty, beaten-up old white one.

Those days are long gone!

With these super cute erasers, you’ll be the envy of all your friends. The gorgeous packaging mixed with a stylish interior is enough to make anyone swoon. Not to mention they erase with ease — no excessive force needed!

You’ll receive a pack of 2 erasers at 12 mm x 18 mm x 50 mm each.

#4 Travel Hand Sanitizer

CLICK HERE to visit Made Just 4 U Frames on Etsy

Okay, we’re going to say it — high schools aren’t the cleanest places on the planet all the time. Because of this, getting yourself a travel hand sanitizer is necessary.

This one is our favorite thanks to all the personalization options. You can select the background color (pink or black) and the personalization color (gold or rose gold) to truly make it your own.

The bottle and holder will fit perfectly on your keychain or bag strap, allowing you to use it after class, before lunch, and everywhere else!

#5 Constellation Pencil Pouch

CLICK HERE to visit Aninaround on Etsy

You’ve got your pencils and cute erasers. But where on Earth are you going to put them all? In this galactic pencil pouch of course!

The case is made from a long-lasting canvas exterior, natural plain cotton lining, and a metal zipper. Each pouch features the out-of-this-world constellation design, but you have almost free reign when it comes to the block color. The maker allows you to pick from a variety of edge colors, including:

  • Brown
  • Sand
  • Bright yellow
  • Black
  • Red
  • Neon orange
  • Burnt orange
  • Lila
  • Deep purple
  • Green
  • Sky blue
  • Earth green

It’s the perfect addition to any school backpack.

Best College Dorm Decor: The Etsy Finds

Done with high school and jetting off to college? Don’t pack without these 5 things!

#1 Wall Collage Kit

CLICK HERE to visit caiandjo on Etsy

Are you a Pinterest fan? If so, you’ll have seen the wall collage trend! It’s cute and fun to put together but it takes some time if you do it yourself. Time you just don’t have as a college student.

So, let somebody else do the grind for you by purchasing Etsy’s Pick, Peachy Pink Collage Kit!

Your creative student will love this one! The hand-curated kit consists of 50 extremely high-quality peach and pink pictures printed on matte paper. They are both portrait and landscape to create an eclectic yet put-together collage.

#2 String Fairy Lights

CLICK HERE to visit Happium on Etsy

String Fairy Lights have been included in many interior design compilations for years. It seems this trending College Decor of magical fairy lights has been sweeping across Instagram and Pinterest in a big way. In addition, we can see that this charming trend is just going to continue to climb!

With that in mind, you need this battery operated Fairy Lights from Happium.

The best part? They are easy to install and soften up any dorm room. These sweet lights create a calming presence in contrast to the harsh overhead dorm lighting at most colleges today.

Happium, the maker and Etsy seller, is backed by over 33,000 sales and happy customers. You know you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck thanks to more than 3,000 elated reviews.

#3 Aesthetic Extension Cords

CLICK HERE to visit Modern Home Solutions on Etsy

Chances are, you won’t have enough plug sockets in your room. Trust us. We did the whole college thing and this was a struggle. So you’re definitely going to need an extension lead. But why buy the standard, ugly, chunky extension cords when you can add your aesthetic to them?

Functionality meets glam! This gold and black model by ModernHomeSolutions offers two outlets and two USB ports. Made in California, the shipping takes 5 days at most, allowing you to get your hands on this ASAP.

#4 Be Brave Bracelet

CLICK HERE to visit laureldenise on Etsy

If 2020 taught us anything, it was we are brave and strong . Send off your student with a constant reminder of how brave they are.

This bestseller features a soft-spoken hope…because we’ve all searched for the words, the strength, the meaning, the inspiration, when none exists. We all know being in a new surrounding at college can sometimes be scary. With Encouragement to “Be You” It’s a constant reminder to your student you support and love them.

We believe it has earned its bestseller feature thanks to the high-quality 1/4″ thick leather, and the fact that the writing has been burned into the leather and will not fade away with wear. A high qulaity work of art.

#5 Magnetic Whiteboard

CLICK HERE to visit Elegance Farm Home on Etsy

Whiteboards aren’t always the most eye-catching part of your dorm. But this one sure will be!

You can select a variety of colors and styles, creating your own custom whiteboard as you go. It’s certainly a conversation starter! Not only is it mightily useful for keeping track of all your college classes (and non-curricular activities of course!), but it also matches any interior design. 

You can’t go wrong with this one.

Top Home School Supplies

Don’t worry, we haven’t left all you homeschoolers out! Here are the top 5 Etsy homeschooling finds. We’re sure you’ll love them. 

#1 Routine Builders

CLICK HERE to visit Dabble Routines on Etsy

Dabble Routines, an Idaho-based Etsy shop makes and sells gorgeous chore charts, routines, and calendars for homeschooled students. Aimed at younger children, the shop features multiple bestsellers, including:

All of the aesthetic items will help you and your homeschooled children build healthy, life and school routines. Over time, this will ensure your child gets enough rest, revision, and play, enhancing their education.

#2 Montessori Math Set

CLICK HERE to visit Kubiya Games on Etsy

You don’t want to be standing at the front of your homemade classroom constantly. Not only do children struggle to remain attentive, but listening may not be their correct learning style in the first place.

The Montessori math set can save the day.

In one carefully constructed hundred board, your child(ren) can teach themselves multiplications. This model consists of 100 tiles showing equations 1 x 1 to 10 x 10. All your little one needs to do is pick up the tile to reveal the answer. Self-led learning? Yes to the, please!

#3 Ecologies Science Card Game

CLICK HERE to visit Montrose Biology on Etsy

If you’re focusing more on science initially, the game Ecologies is the one for you. Designed for children 12+ (modified to 8+ if needed), the attention-grabbing card game will keep the “class” entertained and educated for 60-90 minutes.

Ecologies are designed by a biology teacher. The cards are as follows:

  • 77 organisms
  • 7 biomes

The aim of the beautiful game is to create healthy food webs in various biomes while trying to unbalance your opponents’ biomes. Once your ecology is established, you receive the perks that come with that habitat.

Psst: Be warned, this game is super addictive!

#4 Reusable Behavior Reward Chart

CLICK HERE to visit KaysweddingSandcraft on Etsy

As a former Teacher and mom of 3 I must admit this is one of my favorites!

In any classroom, good behavior is essential. But it can be easier said than achieved — especially when you’re their parent and teacher!

If you’re struggling to find peace in your home school classroom, check out this reusable behavior reward chart for this back-to-school season. Your child/children can earn stickers (included!) for doing the following:

  • Listening
  • Being kind
  • Asking first
  • Not shouting
  • Not fighting

Reward charts are a well-documented method of encouraging good behavior. There is nothing like gaining a gold star or a “well done” when they do something right!

#5 Homeschool Digital Planner Bundle

CLICK HERE to visit Happy Downloads on Etsy

Digital planning and homeschooling go hand-in-hand. And boy do we have a well-equipped one to share with you!

The bundle comes with a whopping 80 planners so you can stay on top of all parts of your day. You can choose from undated or dated planners, silver or gold rings, 4 daily layouts, over 1000 pre-cut stickers, and so much more.

The homeschool section comes with a variety of pages, such as:

  • Class schedule
  • Lesson notes
  • Homework plan
  • Study goals and progress
  • Assignments and activities
  • Educational reading list
  • Grade and exam tracker
  • Curriculum budget
  • Behavior log

Exceptional value for money!

Honorable Mentions: But Wait… There’s More!

After creating this article, we came across a few more great finds! How could we not add these keepers?

CLICK HERE to visit TLKdesigns13

Organization is everything, but why not be COOL while you’re at it? We loved these personalized pencil pouches by TLKdesigns13. These pouches are a bestseller on Etsy, and we can see why. With over 10,000 sales and rave reviews across the board, this product is a winner!

CLICK HERE to visit HandmadeByKirah

We adore these Bee Hair Scrunchies. With 5-star reviews, buyers are raving that these are high quality soft hair accessories at a fantastic price. How can you say no? Send them back in style with this gem!

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