Top 5 Ways To Prep Your Etsy Shop For The 2020 Christmas Holiday Season

As an Etsy Seller every holiday season is a rush on orders. How can I prepare my Etsy shop for the upcoming holiday season while simultaneously keeping my sanity?

From Holiday shipping cut off dates to offering Christmas gift wrapping services we got you covered! Learn how you can take the stress out of selling online this holiday season with these great seller tips.

Add Holiday Cutoff Dates

We have many Christmas shoppers searching our online treasures. From the gift of beautiful homemade candles for mom to custom blankets for our grandparents. Every year for the past 5 years, as I sold on Etsy, there has been a push to get these homemade gifts in the mail on time for the holidays.

Keep your customers informed on shipping deadlines is key. Keeping your customers up to date on shipping cut off times will help not only you but your potential customers. Set their expectations on shipping dates for the holidays.

3 Great actions to take now!

Here are 3 great steps you can take to inform your customers about shipping deadlines in your shop:

  1. Include your final ordering shipping cutoff dates to your Shop Announcements.

2. Update and clarify your Return And Exchange Polices. If you accept returns be sure to outline who is responsible for shipping costs and the return time allowed. I speak from experience here regarding clarifying this part of your shop. Make this point a priority.

3. During the holidays make it a habit to Message The Buyer immediately after purchase to inform your customer on expected shipping dates. This point falls into the category of treat others the way you would like to be treated.

Looking for this year’s holiday cut off dates? We got you covered! Get ready to mark your calendar. Read our article: Christmas Shipping Deadlines For Your Etsy Shop | 2020.

Create a Shipping Profile

If your shop offers several items with similar shipping costs consider saving yourself some time this busy holiday season with shipping profiles. Check out Etsy’s help center here on setting up shipping profiles in your shop. I love the fact that whenever you make a change to your shipping profiles, all of your connected listings will also be updated.

Offer Gift Wrapping Services To Your Customers

Set yourself apart from the rest and offer gift wrapping services!

Last Christmas I had gained so many repeat customers due to the fact I offer this service. Some of my customers noted they came back to buy from my shop because I offered gift wrapping. With the surge of buyers shopping online it’s so effortless for them to purchase a Christmas gift for a family member and then have you ship it directly to the recipients’ door.

Offering gift wrapping is simple. You merely just need to go into your Etsy and enable “Offer Gift Wrapping”. You choose your gift wrapping price “per order” fee and your ready to go.

Gift Wrapping Options

Once this option is enabled you will see on each of your shop listings gift wrapping is available. Bonus Tip: I have recently seen a trend toward sellers showcasing their wrapping skills. Since Etsy allows for 10 photos in every listing why not add in a photo of a package nicely gift wrapped with the words “We offer gift wrapping” across the graphic? Let your future customers know you are serious about the holidays.

This is how gift wrapping options will appear in your listings

To get more details about setting up Gift Wrapping services for your shop check out our article: How To Offer Gift Wrapping Services To Your Etsy Customers: A Step-By-Step Guide

Stock Up On Your Shipping Supplies

Normal shipping times are drastically increased during the holidays. I have certain bulk supplies I order throughout the year. As the holiday season approves order will pick up fast. It’s so important to be able to fill your orders quickly.

Make sure you have all your supplies on hand early so you can fill your orders. I have learned from my mistakes that if you need supplies to create your products take an inventory now of what supplies you have in stock and order what you need early.

Get Your Inventory in Check

We have all been there, an order comes in, and we frantically search and cannot find the item that we have just sold. Perhaps you have been so busy listing and producing your items you find your inventory needs love.

Be ready for the holiday season by cleaning up and organizing your inventory. It may seem like there is plenty of time for the holiday rush but as we all know it comes up on our calendar very fast. After 5 years of selling on Etsy I have learned how hectic the holiday season can be starting as early as October.

I have marked on my calendar that the first week in October as “Inventory Clean Up Week” for my shop. This clean up activity ensures I am ready for the excess of orders the holiday season brings.

The Wrap Up

As an Etsy seller there is a lot of preparation for the upcoming holiday season. From ordering shipping and craft supplies early to updating your shop policies. By following some of these great tips we can make your shop shine bright over the holidays without all the added stress. HAPPY SELLING!

Written by Lisa

Lisa Lividoti Blogger and Owner of Homebyliv Etsy Shop

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